Tsinghua International Summer Programs

Students around the world are invited to come to Tsinghua University this summer! You will be joining a global community of students at China's top ranked university for challenging academic courses balanced with a rich menu of educational and social activities. You will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful university campus in China, and a learning experience that makes a lasting impact in your life.

2017 Tsinghua University Summer School for International Construction

The Tsinghua summer school for international construction is an intensive program which will last about 10 days annually. The target audience includes industry practitioners, final year undergraduate students and postgraduate students from around the globe who are majored in construction, engineering, and architecture. This year, the summer school will be held from 26th June to 4th July 2017.
The instructors come from different parts of the world and have different educational and professional backgrounds. We are keen to build this program into a prestigious periodical event which can contribute to the construction education domain, as well as improve the mutual understanding between Chinese and international students and industry practitioners.
The course will cover hot topics in international construction, such as: Global and Chinese construction industry and market, Construction contract bidding, Benchmarking, Information and Communication technology and Safety and Risk management. Summer school students will have the opportunity to interact with Chinese students, professors and industry practitioners (either local or from abroad). Historical site visits such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven will also be arranged and besides the visits, there will also be a free day for the students to explore other parts of Beijing.
The program will be delivered in English. Upon completion of the program, each student will be presented with a Certificate of Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction issued by Tsinghua University.
For more details, please visit the official website http://summerschool.pm.tsinghua.edu.cn/ and make an confirmed registration if you want to join us (The application at Tsinghua International Education website is also needed). 

2017 Summer School on System Management and Innovation

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University was established in 2001, with a goal of establishing global reputation as a world-class research and education institution. The department aims to cultivate students for solving efficiency, quality, cost and safety problems in industrial and service systems. The department adopts a new paradigm of engineering education with an emphasis on creativity and practical training through innovative teaching, and reconfigures the curriculum in accordance with the standards of top industrial engineering programs.

This summer school aims to give international students an opportunity to learn Chinese manufacturing methodologies, experience system management and innovation processes, and get in touch with Chinese culture in two weeks. Innovative thinking, teamwork and communications in a cross-cultural environment will be highly emphasized in this featured summer program; learning is naturally integrated with seeing, doing and sharing. Learn by seeing: mobile class to world-class factories; learn by doing: hands-on experiments leading to engineering innovation; learn by sharing: team work and interaction with multinational culture.

The summer school is offered from June 26 to July 7, 2017; English is the language used for all lectures and labs, therefore attendees are expected to have good writing and conversation skills in English.

For more details, please visit at:


2017 Chinese Language and Culture Program

Chinese Language and Culture Program (CLCP) is organized to enhance overseas students' Chinese language capabilities and increase their understanding about Chinese culture and society.   

- Language courses (20 class hours per week)
Students will take a placement test at the first class, and be assigned to an appropriate class according to their Chinese proficiency level. Each class is usually composed of 15-20 students.

- Cultural courses (8 class hours per week)
Taiji, Calligraphy, Seal Cutting, Chinese Traditional Opera, Chinese Songs, Chinese Painting, etc. 

- Approaching China (12 class hours per week)
Learn about the development of Chinese society and deepen understanding of Chinese history and culture.

- Experience Chinese Culture
Beijing Opera, Acrobatics Show, Kong Fu Show, Chinese Movie Watching, etc.

- Off-campus tour (1 day per week)
Visits to historical places in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Hutong, 798 Art Zone, etc.

2017 Deep Learning Summer School

In recent years, deep learning has found tremendous applications and achieved great success in different disciplines.  This summer school will provide a thorough training of deep learning, from basic and general concepts to advanced and ad hoc algorithms. It features many applications in computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge graph, social media analysis, multimodal analysis and so on. To help you understand the contents, a deep learning toolbox TensorFlow will be introduced in detail, on which most programming homework will be based. 

Visit program website to find out about the schedule and course details: ss.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn

2017 Experiencing China - Tsinghua Summer School

The Experiencing China – Tsinghua Summer School 2017 will run from July 16th - 28th 2017, lasting 2 weeks. This program was launched in 2016 and has provided 141 students from 26 countries a great platform to explore key aspects of China and promoted mutual understanding between Chinese and international students. (To see a video of Experiencing China Summer Program 2016 at Tsinghua University Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9svo4Tx_Q0o )

This two-week summer program offers a series of keynote lectures in China's economy, environment, international relations and history by leaders at the forefront of their respective fields; team projects, site visits and round-table discussions facilitated by a star team of multidisciplinary tutors; and a wide range of cultural activities on campus and in the city.

The program will culminate in a forum to be designed and facilitated by students themselves. The forum will exhibit their discoveries and insights in China, and promote their collaborative problem-solving proposals developed during the program.

2017 Chinese Economy and Culture Program

The program of Chinese Economy  and Culture is a special program for Japanese high school students, with both in-classromm lectures and site visits. The lectures focus on history and culture of China. It aims at encouraging Japanese students to acquire more particular knowledges about current situation of society, economy and culture in China through lectures and discussions, cultural workshop and business sites visits. 

2017 Financial Leaders of Tomorrow

PROGRAM DATE: July 2 - 14, 2017

The two-week Tsinghua PBCSF Summer Program, in its fifth year, will continue to offer financial lectures for the attendees to comprehensively understand China's financial markets. You will also have the opportunity to explore the nation's capital and attend various cultural events.

As a world-leading teaching and research institution, Tsinghua University has long been dedicated to introduce the breadth and wonder of China's culture to the world, and promoting exchanges between young people from the East and West. Constantly ranked as the top university in China, Tsinghua University enjoys a prestigious history of excellence that very few other Chinese universities even come close to. 

The School's predecessor was the Graduate School of the People's Bank of China, established in 1981 by the central bank.  The Graduate School distinguished itself from other institutions by producing graduates who have played major roles in the crafting of China's economic and financial policies and are taking leadership positions in the Chinese financial industry. 

The PBC School of Finance, the 17th school of the illustrious and time-honored university, was founded in March of 2012. The establishment of the School represents the culmination of the collaboration between the People's Bank of China (China's central bank) and Tsinghua University. 

Combining the educational strengths of Tsinghua University and the Graduate School of PBC, the new school is committed to building itself into a world-class financial institute, cultivating professional talents across financial sectors, and providing substantive policy advice to government agencies and institutions.

2017 Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China

The Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China (SSLP) was established by Tsinghua University in 2006. From 2006 to 2016 a total of 1,980 students and 336 faculty members from Tsinghua University and 969 international students and faculty members have been assigned to rural counties as part of of the program. 

Every summer, Tsinghua University recruit about 120 Tsinghua volunteers and 120 international volunteers who show a sincere commitment to voluntary work. Volunteers are to be dispatched in 20 teams and perform their service in 20 counties throughout various locations in rural China. Each team will consist of one Tsinghua teacher, five Tsinghua students and six non-Tsinghua volunteers. Volunteers can provide diversified services to the local students in those rural counties, including English teaching, culture lectures and intercultural communication exercises. Volunteers will convey a message of support and hope to locals. At the same time, "cultural immersion" will allow volunteers to actually participate in the daily life of a new culture throughout the whole program. New cultures and traditions await as the volunteers fill their days with new discoveries and rich experiences. 

2017 Doing Business in China

“Doing Business in China” Program is a special Program for international students, either in business subjects or other subjects, and executives who are interested in learning about China, finding a career in China, seeking partnerships or making investment in China, with both in-classroom lectures on different topics about China and site visits to relevant organizations and enterprises.

2017 International Summer School - Environment

This tentative two-week summer school offers a great opportunity to experience Chinese culture, learn about environmental problems and exhibit innovative intelligence.

The summer school consists of three major components:
1. Environment: Lectures and discussions led by renowned faculty and environmental actors; site visits to leading environmental enterprises and municipal facilities to learn about the state-of-the-art practices currently employed in environmental engineering.
2. Innovation Challenge: Creative environmental group projects proposed and led by student participants.
3. Culture: Visits to cultural and environmentally significant landmarks.

Themes of the 2017 summer school:
Clean Energy, Air Pollution, Waste Water Management,
Urban Sustainability, and Climate Change
Role of Technological Innovation, Big Data, and Behavioral Change in Environmental Solutions.

2017 Tsinghua-Santander World Challenges of 21st Century Program

This program is created for talented young people who want to change the world with design thinking and innovative solution. Change-makers invited are all from the world top universities, with dream of making a better world, come here to creative innovative and visionary solutions to address the challenge facing cities. Visit our official Facebook Page THUSANworldchallenges to find out about past events.