Deep Learning Summer School 2020

Program Introduction
In recent years, deep learning has found tremendous applications and achieved great success in different disciplines.  This summer school will provide a thorough training of deep learning, from basic and general concepts to advanced and ad hoc algorithms. It features many applications in computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge graph, social media analysis, multimodal analysis and so on. To help you understand the contents, a deep learning toolbox TensorFlow will be introduced in detail, on which most programming homework will be based. 
Host Department
Department of Computer Science and Technology 
Who can apply?
Start Date
End Date
Program Fee
Program Seats
Basic Requirements
A non-Chinese citizen with their second or third year undergraduate study in CS or related areas. 
Supporting Documents
(1) Personal Statement including curriculum vitae, research interest and experience.

(2) An official academic transcript and schooling certificate.

(3) Copy of the personal information page from the passport.

(4) For non-native English speakers, please provide results for English proficiency test. (TOEFL 85 or IELTS 6.5). 
Application Deadline
May 25th,2020