International Master of Public Health (IMPH)

Program Introduction
The Research Center for Public Health has created a graduate-level interdisciplinary and cross-cultural degree focused on global public health. The International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program with recognized faculty and expertise from across Tsinghua University and partners around the world is aimed at building a new generation of global public health leaders in the developing world . These English-taught courses are specifically designed for public health officials, disease prevention and control specialists and health program managers from both developing and developed countries, with the fundamental purpose of improving the health conditions and achieving health equity in the developing world.

Program Highlights: 
1. Advancing global health policy and governance; 
2. Building up a teaching and research platform in the field of global public health; 
3. Establishing extensive cooperation with public health organizations, health care industries, universities and research institutions at home and abroad; 
4. The first International Public Health Program in China with full scholarships; 
5. Sharing best practices in health service delivery; 
6. Promoting affordable health commodities including medical technology, drugs and vaccines. 
Degree Type
Who can apply?
Research Center for Public Health, Program in English
Admission Requirements
Applicants should be government health officials, professionals in the field of disease control and prevention, and managers of medical service originations. Applicants should be healthy, well-behaved and with the appropriate qualifications.
The equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Chinese universities
1)Two years working experience in public health or relevant areas
2)Excellent command of English
3)Less than 45 years old
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