Master of Public Administration in International Development

Program Introduction
About the Program
Launched in 2007, the Master of Public Administration in International Development (MID) degree program at Tsinghua University's School of Public Policy and Management is a two-year MPA program. It is designed to deliver a strong academics and practical foundation for students to become active global citizens and specialists in Chinese development.
Why MID?
Educating Development Professionals
In 2009, Tsinghua University was selected by the Master's of Development Practice (MDP) program, created by the MacArthur Foundation in the United States, as one of eleven universities worldwide, and the only university in China, to launch a Master's program with the goal of cultivating a new generation of international development professionals. With its location in Beijing, China, the MID Program harnesses the unique experiences of development from an international perspective with an emphasis on Chinese practices and sustainable development.
Program Features
1) Academic Uniqueness
With the integration of the School of Public Policy and Management's resources, around 30 courses will be offered in the two-year degree program. Students can choose to undertake the curriculum tracks of International Development or Chinese Public Affairs.
2) Practical Orientation
In order to give students opportunities to gain first-hand experience of integrated development approaches in a real-world context, the MID Program enhances the field training by providing various opportunities of internships, field trips and guest lectures.
3) Global Thinking
Since 2007, MID program has set up a platform to bridge different expectations. 213 MID students who have come from 52 countries with diverse backgrounds. The program has been a tremendous success in educating development practitioners globally.   
4) Career Success
An enriching global alumni network has been established, including 167 MID students who have graduated and committed themselves to careers in international organizations, governments, NGOs, foundations and enterprises around the world.
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School of Public Policy and Management, Program in English
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