Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Joint Master's Program in Financial Engineering

Program Introduction
Program Overview
The partner universities jointly offer the Double Degree Program of Master of Financial Engineering. The program aims to create a strong learning environment and practical skills education for Tsinghua students in a top finance program in the USA.

Program Highlights
1)Financial engineering constitutes a new area in finance with great growth potential. This program offers a novel approach to financial engineering education in China. Students are equipped with both advanced knowledge of financial engineering and practical experience of financial application tailored to the Chinese financial markets.
2)Favorable Application Treatment. All students enrolled in the SEM Master of Finance Program are qualified to apply for admission to the Double Degree Program. Tsinghua applicants enjoy favorable treatment in the application process, such as entering directly into the final round of selection, and preferred consideration.
3)Flexible Program Design. Some course credits received at the host institution can be used to substitute for home institution credits.
Degree Type
Who can apply?
School of Economics and Management
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