Tsinghua International Summer Programs

Students around the world are invited to come to Tsinghua University this summer! You will be joining a global community of students at China's top ranked university for challenging academic courses balanced with a rich menu of educational and social activities. You will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful university campus in China, and a learning experience that makes a lasting impact in your life.

Tsinghua Global Summer School 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought immense uncertainty and challenges to our world of today, causing major disruptions to the economy, international relations, society, public health, technological development and education. In responding to and learning from these challenges, Tsinghua's first ever virtual summer school, Toward a Post-Pandemic World, offers global leaders of tomorrow a unique interdisciplinary platform to be immersed and inspired. 
Supported by 16 Tsinghua departments and institutions, this summer school is a 20-credit-hour program covering diverse topics including the economy, education, society, climate, environment and leadership. Through a tailor-made curriculum featuring both theoretical lectures and innovative and interactive cultural activities, participants will explore the interconnected challenges facing China and the world today. The program is conducted through group discussions, key lectures and seminars across multiple online platforms with English as the instructional language.
Combining Tsinghua's world-class teaching and research resources, and virtual activities touching on Chinese culture and the Tsinghua ethos, this summer school aims to inspire global students to greater understand the challenges faced by post-pandemic world, gain deeper perspectives and awareness through a 'Glocal' mindset, and enhance cross-cultural communication and interdisciplinary skills.
Participants are expected to develop skills fundamental to global leadership, including in-depth problem analysis and exploration, presentation and expression, cross-cultural communication, and teamwork skills. 




In recent years, deep learning has found tremendous applications and achieved great success in different disciplines.  This summer school will provide a thorough training of deep learning, from basic and general concepts to advanced and ad hoc algorithms. It features many applications in computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge graph, social media analysis, multimodal analysis and so on. To help you understand the contents, a deep learning toolbox TensorFlow will be introduced in detail, on which most programming homework will be based.