Tsinghua International Summer Programs

Students around the world are invited to come to Tsinghua University this summer! You will be joining a global community of students at China's top ranked university for challenging academic courses balanced with a rich menu of educational and social activities. You will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful university campus in China, and a learning experience that makes a lasting impact in your life.

2018 国际核电夏令营

Department of Engineering Physics of Tsinghua University is a strategy to help China's nuclear power go abroad, with CNNC jointly hold the international nuclear summer school, which mainly focuses on "One Belt And One Road" national college students.

2018 清华大学国际工程暑期学校


2018清华国际暑期学校 - 中国国际商法和国际经济法暑期班

Chinese law becomes a necessary knowledge and instrument for those who have business, cultural, academic and political encounters with China. 
Chinese legal system is not only a field of remarkable changes but also the most important mechanism for facilitating the social transition. 
It explores new ways for promoting social and economic developments in the world. 

2018 第六届“未来金融领袖”国际夏令营


2018 两岸三地“低碳绿能”暑期学校

Program aims to promote the professional education in nuclear energy and safety for undergraduate students majoring in nuclear science in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Its activities include professional courses, seminars, visit to the nuclear factory, etc.

2018 公共安全暑期学校

A two-week summer school covering these main schemes: Public Safety, Urban Safety, Comprehensive Emergency Management, Personal Protection & Security Detection

2018 感知中国·清华印象

Packed into two exciting weeks, this summer program opens up to you the fascinating and diverse world of China. Guided by a standout team of experts in their field, you will be taught how global issues play out in the Chinese context through interactive classes and panels. With 13 special China-focused tracks to choose from, you can hone in on your specific academic interest including Economy, City development and Environment,  Innovation, Education, and Humanities etc.

Today's dynamic China cannot just be understood from the classroom. That's why this summer program emphasizes really experiencing China, through excursions and on-site trips. Alongside this, Students are given the opportunity to gain insight into Chinese culture and the Tsinghua spirit through various cultural experience activities.

With the summer school's 300 strong international cohort you have the wonderful opportunity to make new friends from all corners of the globe. You will gain skills in cross-cultural communication, a key skill required for tomorrow's future leaders, and also sharpen your interdisciplinary mindset.

After successfully completing the summer school, students will receive an official transcript and 2 academic credits from Tsinghua University.

[2018 Experiencing China video](https://v.qq.com/x/page/y0534axhtpj.html)

2018 中国经济与文化项目

The program of Chinese Economy and Culture is a special program for Japanese high school students, with both in-classromm lectures and site visits. The lectures focus on history and culture of China.

2018 清华国际暑期学校 - 环境

Since its inaugural program in 2013, the aim of the international summer school has been to give students from all around the world the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of China's current environmental challenges. The rapid development of China's economy in recent years has been accompanied by an energy crisis and severe environmental degradation. It is more important than ever to use creativity and innovation to resolve the potential conflict between economic development and environmental conservation.
[2018 International Summer School - Environment - Program Booklet PDF](http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/enven/6306/20180105105537538236101/1515121236971.pdf)
The 2018 international summer school equips students in their search for environmental solutions through lectures and discussions led by faculty and guest speakers, as well as site visits to leading environmental facilities and enterprises. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the ancient history and natural beauty of China.

Main Themes of 2018:
Energy and global changes, Community based environmental solutions

The two-week summer school offers a unique opportunity to learn about environmental issues, develop innovative and creative thinking skills, and explore Chinese culture.
- Environment: Lectures and discussions led by renowned faculty and environmental actors; site visits to leading environmental enterprises and the SHOUGANG Circular Economy Industrial Park to learn about the state-of-the-art practices currently employed in environmental engineering..
- Innovation Challenge: Creative environmental group projects proposed and led by student participants.
- Culture: Visits to cultural and environmentally significant landmarks.

2018 深度学习暑期学校


2018 教育扶贫中外师生暑期社会实践

The Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China (SSLP) launched in 2006 has been engaged by thousands of students from both Tsinghua and international Universities over the past 10 years. Through the SSLP, the participators gained a much deeper understanding of rural China and developed cross-cultural communication skills. Volunteering with SSLP is a rewarding and potentially life-changing experience.