Discover the fulfillment of an academic life at Tsinghua

The attraction of China and Chinese universities to international experts has increased with growing support from both government and universities.

Talent experts from around the world are being offered more choices and opportunities in their career development at Tsinghua University.


1. Daniel A. Bell


Daniel A. Bell became interested in China after he met the Chinese woman who became his wife when they were both postgraduates at Oxford.

After working in Singapore, the USA and Hong Kong, Bell took up a position in 2004 at Tsinghua.

He is now a professor in the university’s Department of Philosophy.


The courses taught by Bell in comparative political philosophy are always welcomed by students.

Bell and his students often discuss and compare readings from different political traditions, including Chinese classics.

“What's good about Tsinghua is that we have very talented students and colleagues who are a constant source of inspiration.”

“My area of research is political theoryand I'm directly inspired by my surroundings and the sorts of political debates that take place here.”——Daniel A. Bell


Bell is also the author of numerous books including The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy, which is “a direct product of discussions” with his students, colleagues and friends.

The book has been selected as a "best book of 2015" by the Financial Times.

His articles and books have been translated into Chinese and 22 other languages.

2. Kihwan Kim


Kihwan Kim had never imagined working in China.

Before being offered an opportunity from Tsinghua University, Kim had been in Korea, Austria, and the USA, developing his career and research skills.

“The opportunity was wonderful and I believed it was worthwhile to take the challenge. Life at Tsinghua as a professor is quite similar to what I had imagined. I am very happy and feel a great gratitude for the opportunity.”——Kihwan Kim


Since 2011, Kim has been an associate professor in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences at Tsinghua University.

He and his team conduct cutting edge research into the physical development of a quantum computer, with the ability to surpass the performance in solving specific problems of any other currently existing supercomputer in the world.

“The students I’ve been working with at Tsinghua are very talented in their unique ways.” ——Kihwan Kim


At Tsinghua, he also teaches courses from basic sciences to frontier research, including:

    quantum mechanics

    atomic physics


    quantum information science

    quantum computation

    experimental research


Both Bell and Kim have happily made Beijing their home and continue to develop their careers at Tsinghua University.

They both agree the choices they made to live and work in China have reaped rich rewards.

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Source: China Southern Airlines Inflight Magazine "NIHAO", Vol.206, August 2016, No.08

Writer: Irene

Photos by Wang Zhirui

Designer: Ma Xin

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