Opportunity-seeking talents attracted to Tsinghua

Promising new students from across the world often seek adventure and the chance to redefine themselves in new surroundings and different cultures.

Tsinghua University has always prided itself on educating and developing such ingenious individuals.


1. Aziza Kadyrova


Russian student Aziza Kadyrova is currently studying at Tsinghua’s Academy of Arts & Design, working towards a BA degree in textile and fashion design.

Aziza quickly found her course would keep her challenged, while allowing her to discover a new passion in the field of fashion design.


“It’s been almost three years of endless inspiration and creativity.”  ——Aziza Kadyrova

Aziza, who has won several awards for her dress designs, including a second place at Tsinghua’s Fashion Talent Show, added, “Fashion designers all have different ideas, and it’s like magic when a design becomes a finished product.”

Besides working hard on her courses, Aziza has had the opportunity to continue her love of singing by joining various clubs and taking part in singing competitions. 5.webp.jpg

“I can’t live without the stage, and singing has always been one of my greatest passions.”——Aziza Kadyrova

Aziza was even asked to represent Tsinghua at the Singing Contest for Beijing Collegiate International Students, where she sang beautifully in Chinese.

“Tsinghua is a highly inspiring place to grow and learn, with unlimited resources and opportunities,” she enthused.

2. Martijn DE GEUS


Martijn DE GEUS is a Dutch architect who is busy completing his Ph.D. in Architecture at Tsinghua.

On arriving at Tsinghua, Martijn was given the chance to work on “fascinating real life projects” while at the same time learning about architecture emerging from a Chinese understanding of space.

Combining these two, Martijn went on to complete his first building in China under the supervision of his professor, and was honored to see this small project win the International Azure Award for Design Excellence.


After this he tried to set out on his own, and one of his “proudest moments” was winning the opportunity to design and build the new Graduate Lab, as a renovation project inside Tsinghua’s School of Architecture.


At the same time, he was invited to give a speech at the local TED conference where he shared his views on how architecture can be part of creating a sustainable environment.

“It was very rewarding to share some of my ideas and achievements with an international audience of people from different backgrounds and disciplines,” he said.


Exerting their full potential at different stages in China, the two students both continue to learn and make the most out of the opportunities available to them at Tsinghua.

As more international talented students gravitate towards China, and Tsinghua, there will undoubtedly be more success stories to come.

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Source:     Air China Inflight Magazine "WINGS OF CHINA", Vol.262, August 2016, No.08

Editor:       Xu Lai

Designer:  Ma Xin

Photo:       Wang Zhirui

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