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Education is a never-ending process, and in the words of Stephen Schwarzman, “In the 21st Century, China is no longer an elective course.”

China's meteoric rise continues as it spreads its wings across the globe.

Tsinghua has followed suit, with its exchanges in academics, science, and technology unprecedented on the international scene.



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Tsinghua has chosen you, it’s time for you to choose Tsinghua.

The university offers more than 100 masters’ and 80 doctoral degree programs to international students in 42 schools/departments in the disciplines of Engineering, Science, Architecture, Economics, Finance, Management, Laws, Social Sciences, Humanities, Art, Medicine etc.

Part 1

1. Fully English-Taught Programs

Among them, no less than fifteen master’s degree programs and four doctoral degree programs are offered fully in English.


(1) Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program (GMBA)- Forefront of innovation & global business education.

(2) Juris Master—LL.M. in Chinese Law-  Insights into Foreign trade and Investment law, and the Chinese legal system.

(3) Master’s in Mechanical Engineering- Power mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering.

(4) Master of Public Administration in International Development (MID) Program- designed for professionals engaged in international development and governance in developing countries, with an emphasis on China’s development experience.


(5) Master's Program in Global Business Journalism (GBJ)- Bloomberg-backed program nurtures the skills needed to tell high-impact stories on all journalism platforms.

(6) International Master of Public Administration (IMPA)- public organization and management, public policy analysis

(7) Master's in Architecture- students address globalization, local identity, modern city planning, green building design, etc.

(8) Master’s in Global Manufacturing- updating “Made in China” to “Created in China.”


(9) Master’s & Doctoral Programs in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management -  World leading environmental research committed to achieving a green future for all.

(10) Master’s in Advanced Computing- Inroads into China’s thriving IT industry

(11) Master's in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Relations (CPFP)- Become a China expert in a geopolitical landscape.


(12) Master's in International Construction and Project Management (ICPM)- empowering construction professionals with the multi-dimensional discipline of construction management.

(13) International Master of Public Health (IMPH)– address contemporary changes in public health on a global scale.

(14) Schwarzman Scholars Program (SSP)- creating a historic new path for the best and brightest in politics, business, technology and the social sciences to guide us towards greater prosperity and progress in the future.

2. Tsinghua-Shenzhen Berkeley Institute

Programs in the following inter-disciplinary fields:

    Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and New Energy Technology

    Doctoral Program in Data Science and Information Technology

    Doctoral Program in Precision Medicine and Healthcare

3. New for 2017

International Master’s Program in Nuclear Engineering - covers the areas of nuclear science and engineering, nuclear fuel cycle and materials,  radiation and environmental protection....

Part 2

Joint Graduate Programs

Tsinghua University currently offers more than 40 joint graduate programs in partnership with other universities, such as:

    RWTH Aachen University

    Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT)

    University of California at Berkeley

    Cornell University......

Part 3

Financial Aid

In the Fall semester of 2016, among international graduate students 81% of the new master’s students and 86% of the new doctoral students have been awarded the Full scholarship or Tuition scholarship.

Part 4:

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