Applications open for the 2017/2018 class of Schwarzman Scholars

Applications will open this March and April for the 2017/2018 class of Schwarzman Scholars. There are two sets of opening and closing dates for Schwarzman Scholars applicants to accommodate different timelines for graduate school applications in China. All candidates should carefully study the deadlines and requirements outlined below, as well as all general application requirements described on the Schwarzman Scholars website.

Applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao will apply online from 23 March to 23:59 on 15 June 2016 (Beijing Time). Finalists will be notified before July 1, and will attend interviews to be held at Tsinghua University in Beijing, 6-9 July. Final admissions decisions for Chinese Schwarzman Scholars will be announced before 1 October 2016. The application for Chinese candidates applying via this competition can be accessed on the Tsinghua University Schwarzman Scholars webpage [].

Applicants holding all other passports will apply between 15 April 2016 and 15 September 2016. These finalists will be notified in mid-October if they are to be invited to interviews. Interviews will take place in Bangkok, London, and New York, with candidates being invited to the geographically closest location.  The application for US & Global candidates applying via this competition can be accessed on the Schwarzman Scholars webpage [].

China Application System

  •    Applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao must apply via the China application system
  •    Online application available at
  •    Online application opens from 23 March to 23:59 on 15 June 2016 (Beijing Time)
  •    Interviews: July 6-9, 2016/ Beijing
  •    Admissions Decisions will be made before 1 October 2016

US/Global Application System

  •    Applicants who hold passports from other countries and regions must apply via the global application system (see below for exceptions)
  •    Online application available at
  •    Online application open from 15 April to 15 September 2016
  •    Interviews: Bangkok (Oct 30th), London (November 2nd), and New York (November 7th)
  •    Admissions Decisions will be made by mid-November 2016


  •    Those with Chinese passports and hold legal permanent residency in another country, and who do not intend to work in China after graduation are free to choose to apply via the US/global application system.  
  •    Candidates who are uncertain which application and deadline applies to their situation should secure written clarification before June 1 by emailing
  •    No applications will be accepted in the US/Global system from those who holdMainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan passports without prior written approval.
  •    Due to the change of schedule and the challenge for applicants to book seats in TOEFL and IELTS in China, applicants using China Application System may submit those exam scores later in the year to, with a deadline of 1 October 2016. Meanwhile, applicants must explain the reasons why they choose to delay submitting the score and provide existing scores of tests, like College English Test (CET) and Test for English Majors (TEM), under the column “Additional Information” in the online application system.