Towards zero manual intervention

UK strategy recognises the significance of robotics for challenging environments in order to provide safe, reliable and re-usable solutions. The talk will consider the potential for advanced AI techniques, including deep learning, in conjunction with increasingly commoditised robot hardware to address common issues including inspection and remote maintenance interventions. 
Two uses cases will be explored: 
1.Autonomous vehicles as a vanguard application of robotics which has the potential to be the breakthrough technology; 
2.Fusion offers huge potential for large scale base load electricity supply. Research shows that manual maintenance of a future fusion reactor is not credible. This leads to remote maintenance being both device defining and mission critical. RACE’s research has much wider cross sector impact, including space exploration and under water mining, all of which is being addressed under the RACE technology roadmap called ‘RACE to ZERO’.

Dr. Rob Buckingham是英国原子能管理局(UKAEA)主任,英国环境挑战远程应用新中心(RACE)的负责人,英国机器人与自动化系统战略的主要作者。在加入UKAEA之前,Rob与人合伙创立了OC机器人公司(OC Robotics),主要开发并商业化蛇形机器人。他是英国皇家工程院院士、英国工程技术学会会士。
Dr Rob Buckingham 英国皇家工程院院士
2017-11-20 10:00:00
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