Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Joint Master Program in Energy and Climate Change

Program Introduction
Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) was jointly established in 2014 by University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), Tsinghua University and Shenzhen municipal government on the initiative of building a bridge across disciplines, cultures and countries, academia and industry, and an unprecedented platform for international collaboration, fostering future entrepreneurs and leaders in science and technology.
TBSI Joint Master's Program in Energy and Climate Change is committed to develop applied talents with outstanding engineering leadership and entrepreneurial competencies. Under the background that Tsinghua University always pioneers in educational reform, the program explores and adopts new philosophy of graduate education, new model of talent development, new mechanism for quality management and performance evaluation, and new system of talent development which adapts to national and social demands, so as to lead China's reform on graduate education.
TBSI Joint Master's Program in Energy and Climate Change aims at full integration between education, research and industry resources of high quality throughout the world. The Program provides training for the development of compound and applied talents with professional skills and advanced management skills by combining leading management model and new technologies such as clean technologies and new energy, for the development of economics, society and people's livelihood.

Program Highlights:
1). Integration of Academic Advantages of Tsinghua and UC Berkeley
2).Integration of Arts, Sciences, Engineering, and Business
3).Integration of Research on Applied Systems and Core Fundamental Technologies
4).Modularized Training, Integration between Professional Skills, Leadership Knowledge and Capstone Project in Practice
5).Co-supervision by Advisors from both Universities
6).Supervision by an Industry Adviser (Members of TBSI Industrial Advisory Board)
7).Students who meet degree requirements of both universities would be awarded a Tsinghua University master's degree in 8).Energy and Climate Change and a UC Berkeley master's degree in Engineering Leadership within 2.5 to 3 years.
Degree Type