Tsinghua MBA-MIT Master of Management Dual Degree Program

Program Introduction
Program Overview
The Tsinghua-MIT Dual Degree Program enables students to supplement the broad-based management education they receive in the first year at Tsinghua SEM with additional knowledge and management tools they can acquire at MIT Sloan in the second academic year.
Upon completion of the dual degree program, an MBA degree is granted by Tsinghua University and a degree of Master of Science in Management Studies is granted by MIT.
Admitted Tsinghua SEM MBA-MIT MSMS Dual Degree students will receive a first-year tuition waiver scholarship from Tsinghua University.

Program Highlights
1)Global Vision: Distinguished faculty from both Tsinghua and MIT and a diverse student body bring thought-provoking insights into the global classroom.
2)China Roots: China-focused curriculum equips students with local managerial knowhow to ride the economic wave in China.
3)Tsinghua-MIT Collaboration: The long-standing and strong partnership with MIT Sloan allows students to benefit from resources from both Tsinghua and MIT and enjoy alumni networks of both universities.

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School of Economics and Management
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