Master in Advanced Computing

Program Introduction
Why ACP (Advanced Computing Program)? 
Up for an internship at top IT company to jumpstart your career? Do you want to become a prominent computer scientist, or looking to make inroads into industry? Prepare to meet and befriend some of the brightest, most dynamic people in the world through our master’s program in Advanced Computing, offered by the Department of Computer Science and Technology. Current students on this two-year, 24-credit program come from all over the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. 
At Tsinghua University, you’ll be right where the action is. World-leading developments you can witness for in progress. on campus, you might just have the opportunity to brush shoulders with founders of leading IT companies, or stumble upon some of our turing Awarding-Winning residents. 

Features of ACP 
(1)Cutting-edge Subjects: Machine Learning;Distributed System; Advanced Network Management ; Web Information Retrieval; Introduction to Big Data Systems; Future Internet &much, much more! 
(2)International Collaboration : 
Our partnerships with MIT & CMU allow students to benefit from the training, courses and lectures provided by renowned visiting professors. 
(3)Unique Flexibility: 
Students select supervisors a semester after entering the program.
Degree Type
Who can apply?
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Program in English
Contact Details
Ms. Yin D