Master in Environmental Engineering and Management

Program Introduction
Program Overview: 
The Master's Program in Architecture offered in English aims to create a new platform for teaching architecture to international students. Our goal is to integrate critical understanding of regional conditions with a global and multi-disciplinary network, and to establish a teaching environment through international dialogue. Environmental Engineering and Management Master's Program focuses on environmental problems in a global context. It aims to cultivate talents to obtain related knowledge and methodology, to acquire the ability to analyze and solve practical, real-world problems and to process innovation and international vision. The master's program begins in the fall semester, and is usually completed in two years.
Program Highlights:
(1)Select suitable research areas concerning China's environmental problems for overseas students;
(2)Visit industrial plants or companies to help students to know the contemporary issues in China;
(3)Study in an international atmosphere and enhance cross cultural communication; 
(4)Contribute to global efforts to environmental pollution; 
(5)Establish a platform for international communication and collaboration. 
Degree Type
Who can apply?
School of Environment, Program in English
Degree Conferred
Master of Science; Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering (M.S.-ESE)
Contact Details
Manager Assistant of International Office: Ms. PENG Xiaojuan