Over the last decade, Tsinghua has striven to provide more opportunities for students to study and research abroad. Exchange agreements have been established with 135 universities and research institutes across 40 countries and regions, enabling more than one third of undergraduate students to participate in semester-long exchanges, summer research, summer courses and internship programs abroad. These numbers continue to grow with the expansion of the international exchange programs.

Tsinghua currently offers 44 joint graduate programs in partnership with other international universities and 21 master’s programs taught in English. Doctoral students have opportunities to pursue research projects under the joint supervision of Tsinghua and international faculties. The University also provides travel support for graduate students to attend international conferences. More than 61% of doctoral students and about one quarter of master students have participated in academic international academic exchange activities during their study at Tsinghua.

These programs not only attract many outstanding international students to Tsinghua to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees, but also promote the flourishing international community on campus, where Tsinghua students can experience more international exposure than ever before.