Freshmen start at Tsinghua

Yesterday marked one of the most anticipated days in the Tsinghua academic calendar: freshman move-in day. Today, August 24th, the opening ceremony for the new incoming students was held this morning at the university’s sports center.

There are almost 3,800 undergraduate students from all over the world entering Tsinghua this year, bringing their own diverse interests and perspectives, while sharing one common trait. 

With the curiosity of learning and the thrill to obtain new knowledge, the students will soon start their journey on Tsinghua’s campus.


Among the entering undergraduates, over 330 are international students, 68 are students from China’s Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and approximately 3,400 students from mainland China. 

11.4% of the students belongs to the post-2000 generation, with the youngest student born in 2004 from Anhui province.

Students from 27 different ethnic groups from different parts of China will also help to create a multi-cultural campus environment.

A new application-evaluation procedure for international students was implemented this year for the first time

With the new admission system, 39 majors from 19 schools and departments are open to international students. 

After comprehensive evaluations of performance in high school, language ability, and supporting materials, over 330 students from over 35 countries received acceptance letters from Tsinghua University, including students from

  • South Korea, 

  • Malaysia, 

  • USA, 

  • Japan, 

  • Canada, 

  • Cambodia, 

  • and Singapore.

Compared to the previous years, the number of the students from western countries, as well as countries that are part of the Belt and Road initiative, are greatly increased, depicting the diversification of the student composition. 

President Qiu Yong extended his congratulations and welcome to the students and expressed the hopethat they could realize their life goals at Tsinghua University. 

“ The new students could learn to appreciate the beauty of art and nature, feel the joy of science, and pursue the beauty of human nature throughout their entire lives.

—— Qiu Yong

Tsinghua University

This is also the first year that Tsinghua recruited students of undergraduate programs by division. 

According to the newly implemented provision, students will take courses according to the division's curriculum for the first academic year

By the end of the first academic year, the specific programs/majors will be confirmed. 

In the second academic year, students will enter the relevant schools/departments for major study.

Members of the undergraduate freshman class are enrolled in 16 different discipline divisions, including more than 400 students from the division of mechanical, aerospace, and power engineering, which is the largest division among all.

Inheriting Tsinghua’s tradition of ‘Self-improvement and Social Responsibility’, the freshman class, with zest to stretch the limits of their talents and outstanding public motivation, will set out to make our world better!

Writer: Wang Yi

Editor: Degen Hill

Photos by Wang Tengfei

Video by Didi

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