The 20th Top Talk Series | Four Nobel Laureates and Prof. Shi

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Please note that the registration for the opening ceremony is closing at 21:00, 10th May 2017.

Registration for sub-forums are available until 21:00 two days prior to the events.


Organizer: Graduate Union of Tsinghua University

Co-organizer: International Society of Scientific Communications for Nobel Prize Laureates (ISSCNL)

This event is also a World Youth Innovation Forum “Serendipity in Science” event. 

Top Talk is an academic-oriented forum for Tsinghua students to discuss cutting-edge topics with the world’s best scholars. It is on this platform where students challenge Nobel Laureates and create new ideas, demonstrating critical mentality in the campus. Top Scholar is a visiting program facilitating the academic exchange between outstanding Tsinghua students and leading scholars. Selected students will be sent to conduct research activities in the overseas laboratories of target scholars.

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